MyToken App Review: Real or Scam? (Read this before Investing!)

So in this article, we will dig more into Mytoken app review or My Token app fake or scam, or does it really pay and is legit. So let’s Go…

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What is MyToken app?

MyToken App is an app (Claimed to be) that Pays you hefty Intrest when you stake your money in it. As per their claim, you just have to invest in them and they will reward you with your stake of money.

Is MyToken app Safe?

We do not recommend investing your hard-earned money in apps like these. They are not guaranteed and Trustable

MyToken app Real or Fake?

It’s probably Fake. They will reward you at first and encourage you to invest more and then they won’t allow withdrawing.

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How MyToken App Works?

So Mytoken App is something like staking your money and they claim to give you a heavy interest for your stake. You have to Stake your money and then they say you that their “BOT” will trade with your money and give you up to 40% monthly return(Which is Very high assuming the risk).

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Why Mytoken App is not safe?

  • Poorly created App,
  • No information of the founder,
  • Registration details not found,
  • No complete work details,
  • Lots of bad reviews online,
  • No official contact details,
  • No Proper contact details,
  • Hundreds of Complain online,
  • All certificates and proofs shown in app is fake,
  • No active social media Accounts,
  • Whatever shown in app is completely fake,
  • MyToken App offer very lucrative plan. (Common trick use by fraudsters to trap others).

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So in this article, we will dig more into Mytoken app review or My Token app fake or scam, or does it really pay and is legit. So let's Go…
MyToken app Review

This is not the first time when these people are doing such fraud, before this they have fraudulently cheated millions of people in the name of o2obk, ORich app, HPZToken, Jazz Bike App, Power Bank App, OMG Burse App, etc.

We also wrote about the above applications but very few people believe in us and did not invest money in that fraud application. Today those people and their data are safe. And those who did not believe in us lost their data and money. If you want to know more about this then message us on Instagram.

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Verdict / Conclusion

So in conclusion, we DO NOT RECOMMEND investing your money in Mytoken app. There were Frauds like this before. SO learning from history DO NOT USE such Fraud application and don’t believe these claims.

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