Peaky Blinders vs Money Heist: Which one is Better? [2022]

So in this post, we are going to Compare Peaky Blinders vs Money Heist, and let’s see which is Better Money Heist or Peaky Blinders.

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LockDown and the era of covid, in general, was a blessing for binge-watchers among us. Locked in home, lots of free time, and the great
pool of OTT in front of us. So in this condition, a lot of shows were
viewed and reviewed and strong fandoms were formed. But the
fans are fans! They may be viewing only one side of the coin and
getting their opinions formed by that one-sided perception.

Well, in any case, this should not be happening. Any web series, movie, or
anime is a piece of art and we should respect it. But some series
comparing them are very very interesting and there’s nothing wrong
with healthy comparisons so let’s begin.

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There’s always been hype around the genres of mysteries, gangsters, revolts, and provoking types of series. They all share a
massive amount of fanbase and are loved worldwide. But when
some series fuse these all genres together we get an awesome
pack of blockbuster entertainment. The shows Money Heist and
Peaky Blinders achieve the same things by their unique and
compelling storytelling.

They both are filled with action stories, secrets, etc. every season is filled with thrill and excitement we’ll discuss more it later.

Peaky Blinders vs Money Heist

Peaky Blinders

Peaky Blinders vs Money Heist: Which one is Better? [2022]

Starting with peaky blinders the show was first aired in 2013. The
show shares a story of a gangster family based in London and their
political as well as personal ups and downs. The show has 5 seasons
and is still going on. Rated 8.8 on IMDb the show is a good
entertainment option as per me. Accents, acting, cinematography
are on the spot and totally breathtaking. The lead actor Cillian
Murphy nails the job to such an extent that you as a viewer will
definitely be drowned in the world of Thomas Shelby.

Now any peaky blinders review won’t be completed if we don’t give a glance
towards the music of this show. It is simply phenomenal!. Music
adds a true sense of feelings and emotions to the scenes of the show.

Blended with acting and cinematography music does wonders! It
builds the emotions out of scenes and delivers it outside of scenes
very elegantly. Speaking of elegance, the new theme of COSAMAY
looks the same! Make sure to appreciate it by allowing notifications!
Let’s talk about characters in the show now, peaky blinders have a
relatively bigger caste for you to focus on. As the story goes on the characters will definitely grow and develop a good amount of interconnection. Everyone in the cast has performed an absolute gold standard of acting. Also, one thing about the cast of peaky blinders which is more respectable is how well they carry out the British atmosphere and accent all through the show.

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When I was digging down for this blog earlier today I came across this very amazing fact that the actors from this show actually “Learned” the British English accent for their characters to be real. This hard work will be visible to you in
every single episode of the show. The Series is medium paced having
55-60 minutes of per episode runtime and believe me, you will not
even notice the time.

The story starts at a basic peaceful condition for the protagonist and gets built up over time. Every season till season 5 gave me a vibe of ‘okay-he’ll handle it. The show is available on Netflix India.

Money Heist

Peaky Blinders vs Money Heist: Which one is Better? [2022]

India. The show has a neat level of cinematography. The color
palate of this whole series is so accurate and to the point. The camera
work seems pretty decent too.

The theme and mood of the whole show are carried out by the camera and the various brilliant portrayal tricks. Blended with music this cinematography will surely hook you up all the time. Music sure does feel a bit of puppy a lot of times
adding sort of unnecessary tension to the storyline. But that is my
personal choice. Talking about my opinion towards the story of the
show, It’s fine, means not too good, not too bad.

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The crux of the story is basically nothing but a thousand times repeated plot we’ve seen here in local Bollywood and Hollywood. A bunch of the same
ideology-driven people come together and commit some sort of act
that is illegal to the rest of the world. Also, if you will see the show
with your brains and logic wide open you will see that there is a
recurring theme going on throughout the show.

It is the theme of cheating and betrayals between the characters of the show. To me, it seems quite a bit boring. But what makes this show great is not
the storyline of the show. It is the way the story is presented in the
series. That is a driving factor of the entire show. A grand-scale
execution of the story. One more factor why the series is great is
the acting and star cast of the show.

Álvaro Morte, Úrsula Corberó Pedro Alonso, and others shine in their respective roles as the story progresses The unexpected natural portrayal of how a mind of a criminal actually works in a provided situation made these characters stay with us long after the show ends. The series is divided into 5 seasons and has a decent 1-1.5 hr per episode of watch time.

The show is very pacy and due to all factors mentioned
above, it will not be boring at all. The show is fully recommended
from our side if you don’t want to insert too much thinking while
watching it and want something for entertainment.

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Final Verdict

Clearly, in this comparison, we can see that peaky blinder have a
winning edge. It is clearly the winner in every single category. Now
some people will agree to this and some will not. That’s obvious.
But here’s one request to those who disagree. This is not some competition.

These are opinions based on very statically driven data
and there is no need to be offended. After all, the purpose of any
content is entertainment and both are gems in that sector.
Have you watched both of the series? What’s your opinion on them
let us know in the comments. Till then Peace!!

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