What is IDE | and which is Best for you? [2021 Update]

So What is IDE? If you are into programming, I am sure that you have heard the word “IDE” before. While coding into any language one of the prominent questions in the head of any beginner coder are What are IDE? and which IDE should I use? and if you look in your surroundings for the answer there is a lot of ambiguity lying around. So let’s settle the thing Once and for all with cosamay!

What is IDE?

First things first, What is an IDE? As the name says  IDE or Integrated Development Environment is the environment in which common developer tools are combined with a GUI to provide convenience while practicing or developing codes for any purpose. In short, IDE is like a suitcase that combines all the essential things for your trip to make it comfortable for you.

Now, why should we use an IDE for developing any code? Why carry a suitcase when we can manage it with a simple handbag? The answer is it combines and brings various components we need from writing to compiling a code in one place and make it more seamless and easy to access. Consider this example, I am doing code in c language without using an IDE. in that case I will simply write a code in notepad save it using the ‘.c’ extension, and run it using GCC in command prompt.

Look here I have to use 2 different platforms while compiling a simple code. In this case, it consumed a little bit more time. But real pain starts from where it comes to rectify the errors in code. Here you have to undo the whole process and redo it again until the code runs properly! Such a tedious process! Isn’t it? So this is where an IDE comes in handy. IDEs have text editors with unique error-finding methods to help you, code runners to check what exactly your code does, and a terminal instance to interact with. That’s why you need to use an IDE

 But If you are a beginner, should you use an IDE? Will it degrade the proficiency in my knowledge by automating stuff for you? Well, the answer is yes, you should use an IDE from the very beginning of your programming journey. Why? Because it leads to professionalism in coding and consumes less amount of time in execution It will not degrade your proficiency or memorization power for syntax. It will only help you make yourself a great coder so be sure on that side.

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What is IDE | and which is Best for you? [2021 Update]
What is IDE | and which is Best for you? [2021 Update]

Here comes the million-dollar question Which IDE should I choose? Or how to make a perfect choice between IDEs available out there?

Well here things become a little bit subjective, there are many options available in the market like Intellij idea, eclipse for java, pycharm for python Andriod studio for android development, turbo c, dev c code blocks, etc.. what you have to do is to check whether a certain IDE is comfortable for you, why and for how much time you will be using that IDE and is it compatible for all my work cases if you got answers for all these questions then go ahead and start using that IDE. or a more simple way to decide is to simply go with the instructor, fellow coders or the professor who will teach you and you will find your answer.

PRO-TIP: the Vs code by Microsoft is a nice one-stop solution for many languages. It will not be a hurdle for beginners to intermediate-level code projects and practices do try it! 

So… at the final note, we can clearly see that IDE is an important tool for any developer, and to integrate our workflow we must use one. Also, the adaption of any IDE will vary from person to person… so chose your best IDE and rock on coding!!

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